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Enjoy the additional paybacks on top of default rebates with Heybit Payback!

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Why Choose Heybit Payback

Up to 40% Fee
Beyond the default rebate, get additional payback! Heybit Payback offers much greater benefits compared to using regular influencer referral codes.
Established Trust
Since 2018
Heybit, established in 2018, has formed strong exchange partnerships, providing reliable trading experience. Trust Heybit for trusted service.
Easy Setup,
Maximum Savings
Join your preferred exchange using the provided link or referral code, share your UID with Heybit, and enjoy significant trading fee discounts!

Your Fee Savings

trading fee1
900 USDT
exchange rebate2
final fee
540 USDT
total Save
360 USDT
  1. Assuming that the user is classified as 'Regular' and 'Level 1' in the OKX system, with a maker-taker ratio of 1:1.
  2. Trading Fee x 30% (default rebate rate)
  3. Trading Fee x 10% (Heybit payback rate)





Trading Volume


How is it possible to apply such a large trading fee discount rate?

The commission rate varies depending on the affiliate level, and Heybit being at the highest level, receives the highest commission rate. Based on this, 'Heybit Payback' shares a portion of the rebates that affiliates receive with the users, allowing them to enjoy such high trading fee discount benefits.

Is it trustworthy?

Heybit is a digital asset robo-advisory service founded in 2018, and we have built trust by achieving over $30B in cumulative trading volume and maintaining strong partnerships with exchanges. 'Reliability' is a distinct advantage that Heybit Payback can confidently emphasize.

How is the benefit I receive structured?

Your discount benefits are comprised of Default Rebate and Payback. You can check the details for each benefit below. Total discount benefit 40% = Default Rebate 30% + Payback 10%

1. Default Rebate 30% : After your trade is executed, approximately 1-2 hours later, 30% of the trading fee incurred in that trade will be given back to your OKX account as a rebate.

2. Payback 10% : Heybit, we'll give you back 10% of all your trading fees as payback from the affiliate commission we receive. The payment will be made twice a month on the 1st and 15th (or the following day if it's a holiday), with a minimum payout requirement of 100 USDT or more Rest assured, we will refund 10% of all the trading fees you incurred after joining using our referral code.

How can I check the detailed discount benefits I have received?

Your discount benefits are comprised of Default Rebate and Payback. You can check each benefit as follows:

1. Default Rebate : After you have completed the trade, approximately 1-2 hours later, you can check the details through the link below under the sections labeled 'Type: Airdrop & Reward' and 'Note: Fee rebate.’


2. Payback : If you have completed the UID connect, we will send you a payback report via email. In addition, you can easily track your current payback status and view the accumulated total payback amount on the payback dashboard page.

Can I use it even if I am already registered?

Yes, of course. You can use our service even if you are already registered. Simply follow the guide provided in- the link below, and you can easily access our service.

How to Change OKX Referral Code

Can I receive Payback by using the Alpha on OKX bot?

This service offers additional rebates to customers who sign up for OKX using the Heybit invitation code and trade directly on the exchange. This benefit is not linked to using the Heybit product or the Alpha bot on OKX.