Begin Alpha with
Loss Guard Benefit

What is Loss Guard?

  • Target
    Users operating “Alpha on OKX” strategy for the first time
  • Requirements
    In case of depositing 1,000 USDT or more and losing principal as of 180 days from start date
  • Distribution
    To Heybit wallet within one month after the initial 180-day contract period
  • Amount
    As much as you lose (Up to 250 USDT)
  • All About

    Do Not Miss Out

    Seize the opportunity to experience 70% target annual return

    Do Not Fear

    Strict risk management system operated by top-tier quant trader team

    Do Not Pay

    No fees will be charged if no profits are made

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    Please Note

    • This promotion could be terminated early without prior notice.
    • Users must deposit a minimum of 1,000 USDT or more to be eligible for the promotional benefit.
    • To be eligible for loss protection benefit, users must maintain operational status for a period of 180 days from the start date. If operations are terminated before that, they will not be eligible to receive loss protection benefit.
    • Users will be eligible for benefit only if there is a principal loss from the start date of Alpha Strategy operation until 180 days later, at the point of performance fee settlement.
    • However, in cases where the loss exceeds 250 USDT, only a maximum of 250 USDT of the loss will be covered.
    • This benefit applies only to the first Alpha strategy operation and is applicable only once. Users cannot receive this benefit if they terminate the Alpha strategy midway and restart it later.