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Crypto Trading Bots
Fully automated bots work for you 24/7 catching market opportunities

Don't Worry, Leave It to the Bots

Aim High
We target the annual return of 70% regardless of market conditions
Battle Tested
Trading strategies that survived various markets since 2018
Covered Risk 24/7
Strict risk control system managed by the professional risk management team

Choose Strategy for Your Bot

  • Alpha on OKX
    Recommended for those who want to catch larger profit signals with less frequency
    Target APR
    * Assuming 2.0x
    Target MDD
    Trading Coin
    Statistical Arbitrage
    Perpetual / Futures
    Asset Lineup
    Trends / Top Market Cap
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  • Alpha on Binance
    Recommended for those who want to catch small profit signals with more frequency
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