Profit Chasing
Crypto Trading Bots
Fully automated bots work for you 24/7 catching market opportunities

Don't Worry, Leave It to the Bots

Aim High
We target the annual return of 70% regardless of market conditions
Battle Tested
Trading strategies that survived various markets since 2018
Covered Risk 24/7
Strict risk control system managed by the professional risk management team

Choose Strategy for Your Bot

  • Alpha strategy
    Long/short strategy designed to actively seek alpha in both bullish and bearish market environments
    Target APR


    * Assuming 2.0x

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    • Esigned with a Low-Risk / Mid-Return structure

    • A strategy that swiftly responds to market fluctuations and surpasses

    • Quickly analyzes market data and executes trades immediately.

    • Systematically assesses and manages risk.

  • Beta strategy
    Beta Investment with Heybit’s Innovative Automated Rebalancing feature for the next bull market
    HMAI 10 Return


    * 2023 YTD

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    • Diversify your Portfolio with market-cap basis

    • Follows the performance of the overall market

    • No need for complex investment strategies

    • Clear and transparent investment targets and strategies