Get 10 USDT bonus by adding HEYBIT to your home screen!

24.03.14 ~ 03.31
Get strategy performance updates
Get exclusive offers before anyone else
Get market news and insight
Who can participate?
Users who have used any of HEYBIT Global's products
How can I participate?
Users who have 1) created HEYBIT icon on their home screen and 2) agreed to receive notifications
When can I get the bonus?
On April 15, 2024, 50 lucky winners will receive 10 USDT in HEYBIT USDT wallet.
Open your “mobile browser” and connect to HEYBIT Global. Click your mobile device's “the more button” at the top right (3 dots)
Scroll down and Click “Install app” on the list.
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Click on HEYBIT icon added on your home screen and agree to click "Allow" to receive notifications.
Step 4
After following all the steps, complete your participation in the event.
Install HEYBIT on the homescreen
Agree to receive notifications
Create a USDT wallet address
Please Note

  • On the event reward payment date, HEYBIT's system will confirm the installation of mobile PWA and consent to receive notifications before paying out the event rewards.
  • This event is only available to customers who have used one or more products from HEYBIT Global.
  • To receive event rewards, account verification must be completed.
  • To receive event rewards, you must create a HEYBIT USDT wallet.
  • To receive event rewards, you must submit your HEYBIT USDT wallet if it's not your account's wallet, it will not be paid.
  • Event reward payment dates are subject to change.
  • This event may be changed or terminated without prior notice.