Bi-Weekly NFT: XCOPY sale surge & Bitcoin dominates NFT Market

by Angela
Bi-Weekly NFT: XCOPY sale surge & Bitcoin dominates NFT Market

The NFT daily trading volume has experienced a slight dip across all chains this week. Bitcoin continues to lead, generating a daily volume of $20.9 million, followed closely by Ethereum at $19.52 million. Interestingly, Base chain has dropped out of the top 5 list, being overtaken by Polygon at $1.12 million.

Following the recent halving event, Bitcoin maintains its position at the forefront. The enduring popularity of Bitcoin is further evidenced by marketplace volume, with Magic Eden capturing a 42% share, of which 77% originates from Bitcoin NFTs. Additionally, the image below illustrates a stark contrast, as the sole marketplace not supporting Bitcoin, OpenSea, has plummeted to the bottom with only a 5% market share. This marks a significant decline for OpenSea, which previously dominated the market before the emergence of Blur and Bitcoin NFTs.


Here are the top 5 NFT collections across all chains based on trading volume over the past week, including the floor price and the percentage change in volume for each collection. It's noteworthy that the Bitcoin NFT Collection, Runstone, leads the leaderboard by three times more than the preceding collection, Pudgy Penguins.

Lastly, let's delve into the top five sales in the entire NFT market over the past 7 days. Recently, there has been a surge in purchases of XCOPY’s works, fetching substantial prices, as reflected in the notable sales listed below.

  1. $LAVE by XCOPY: 315 ETH ($965.9K)
  1. Last Selfie by XCOPY: 277 ETH ($957K) → this marks a new ATH(All Time High) for that edition (edition of 10)
  1. CryptoPunk #4473: 75 ETH ($231.7K)
  1. CryptoPunk #8786: 71 ETH ($217.6K)
  1. CryptoPunk #8123: 62 ETH ($189K)

Last Selfie