UPRISE Mission & Vision


Easy Access to Alpha

Alpha(α) signifies a strategy's ability to beat the market or create excess return. UPRISE strives to find sustainable ways to earn it through constant trials and errors without relying on sheer luck or taking excessive risk.

UPRISE's mission is to provide an easy access to alpha through a service like HEYBIT. Easy access means not only high usability but offering psychological stability in investment by not making users take too much risk.


Digital Asset Investment for Everyone

UPRISE believes digital asset will become an asset class of its own in the future. Among many business opportunities it will create, our focus is on the formation of indirect investment market.

As an asset became a financial vehicle, indirect investment businesses and services came along as well to make the investment more systematic and sustainable. In the process, those who succeeded in user acquisition and branding took dominant market share.

UPRISE aims to become the market leader by building a trustworthy Digital Asset investment service.

UPRISE History

Since its foundation in 2018, UPRISE is striving to
open ways to the Digital Asset investment through technology.

04. Series B Round funding ($9 mil)

01. $3 bil. in transaction volume


11. $2 bil. in transaction volume

ㅤㅤNew Strategy "ForeFront" released

08. $1 bil. in transaction volume

02. Binance Official Partner

01. $400 mil. in transaction volume


11. Changed company name to "UPRISE, Inc."

10. $300 mil. in transaction volume

ㅤㅤSeries A Round funding ($2 mil)

04. $100 mil. in transaction volume


12. UP Creative Audition Grand Prize

11. KDB Startup Program Grand Prize

11. Auto-trading OBT release

08. Seed Round funding ($0.5 mil)

01. Established "HEYBIT, Inc."

UPRISE Investors

Kakao Ventures
DSC Investment
KB Investment