Alpha on Binance

Long/short strategy that pursues active return both in bull and bear markets!

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Key Features

USDT-paired Digital Asset (BTC, ETH, BCH, etc.) which are selected by the statistical analysis of HEYBIT's algorithm.
By taking multiple positions, it pursues 'alpha', an active return, regardless of the direction of the market.
Perpetual futures are a type of derivative contract that designed to mimic the features of traditional futures contracts without expiration and roll over.
What is Alpha on Binance?
It has combined a momentum strategy that follows rising or falling trends for a short period of time and a mean reversion strategy that expects a price recovery after high volatility.
1,000 USDT
Invest Amount
10,000 USDT~
180 days
Contract Period
30% of profit
Performance Fee
15% of profit
Early Termination Fee


What are the contract terms?

The contract period for Alpha on Binance is 180 days. Operations start automatically after you deposit 1,000 Tether or more. A performance fee of 20% of the profit will be collected at the end of the contract period, and an early termination fee of 15% of the profit will be charged if you terminate the contract during the contract period. (*performance fee may be applied differently to each client depending on the promotions)

Where can I see the performance of the strategy?

You can see the performance of the strategy in the Monthly Report at the top of the product page. At the beginning of each month, we'll publish a report on that page with the previous month's performance and insights from HEYBIT.

What happens if I invest more than the minimum but less than the recommended amount?

If you invest less than the recommended amount, your trading opportunities may be reduced. A HEYBIT Alpha strategy consists of a blend of numerous different strategies. In this case, some strategies may have a very small weighting, and if the total amount is low, it may not reach the minimum trade amount and may not be traded. However, we've tested them with different amounts and they have similar returns in the long run.

How can I start?

Deposit your assets into HEYBIT Wallet, and click “Invest" button on the page, and start investing. Once you meet the minimum deposit requirement, your assets will be managed within 2 business days. Monitor your progress and portfolio on the Overview page.

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