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Don’t let the market volatility waste your time and energy.

Let HEYBIT save time and energy for you based on quant algorithm, fully automated. Now start with a powerful strategy, FF+.
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Digital Asset
Investing with Experts

Investing on your own is hard. Reseach, not to mention constant monitoring, requires time and energy. Emotions and rumors cloud your judgment. Let our experts handle them and just sit back!

Make Profits Regardless of Bull or Bear Market

Unlike the previous strategies, ForeFront Plus Strategy takes both long AND short positions, meaning it can make profits not only in bull market but also in bear market.
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Go beyond Digital Asset to Control Volatility

The Beyond Essential Strategy takes into account both global crypto and macroeconomic indices to make long-term performance.
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I wanted to try quant trade by self programming. But studying how to code and make investment strategy was no easy task. HEYBIT saved my time.
Hoshin, Accountant
Dramatic price swings always drove me crazy. I couldn't sleep at night, constantly checking price. Now I feel more relaxed about digital assets investment.
Yeats, Salaryman
I preferred savings just because it's safe but the low interest rate wasn't so appealing. I like the fact that HEYBIT takes upside while limiting downside.
Nozomi, Entrepreneur

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Q. Isn't digital assets investing too risky?
Digital assets tend to have high risk in long-term investment due to their ambiguous intrinsic value and high volatility. However, you can manage the risk through technical investment based on quantitative analysis and automated algorithm trading. How you invest is more important than what you invest in.
Q. How did HEYBIT come up with its investment strategy?
We researched numerous trading techniques with the characteristics which are suitable for the digital assets market from the papers and theories published in the past. Then, we applied them to market data to verify the core fundamentals and refined them in a way that avoids overfitting. Finally, we checked the safety(risk management) aspect of the strategy by actually reiterating the transactions to the level of sufficiency with our own internal account before providing it to the users.
Q. Can we trust the backtest results?
Values obtained from past data may not be accurately reproduced in the future. Because the market is constantly changing. Therefore, it is important to identify patterns rather than numbers and to continuously monitor the validity of the patterns. Our quant researchers and analysts are constantly monitoring the results of the trades and improving the algorithm.
Q. Does HEYBIT guarantee profit?
No, there is no guarantee that HEYBIT's systems, indicators, or signals will result in profits or that they will not result in a full loss or losses. All investors are advised to fully understand all risks associated with any kind of investing they choose to do.
Q. What is the difference between BE and FF?
Both are long-only strategies. Whereas BE focuses on a few major assets such as BTC and ETH based on "macro" equity and crypto indices, FF invests in more variety of assets (i.e. top 20 in market value) based on "micro" indices such as price and volume of those assets.